clondalkin camera club 
 p  h  o  t  o  g  r  a  p  h  y    i  s    o  u  r     p  a  s  s  i  o  n

Tuesday 23th April:
 Joe Joyce will show his proposed L-Panel to the club.  He will be delighted to                      get feedback and suggestions from Club members.  Joe attended the IPF pre-                       judging panel day in Drogheda last weekend and it will be very interesting to                     hear the feedback he received from the IPF judges.  Great value to anyone                           intending going for a Distinction in the near future.

Barbara Fitzgerald Skelly will present her photos from Vietnam and share the highlights of her recent trip.
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Genre gallery-Astro & Night

  1. Long exposure of the night skies and star trails
  2. Long exposure of the night skies and star trails
  3. Long exposure of the night skies and star trails
Astro photography: a tough gig in our part of the world. You need a clear sky with minimal clouds, which doesn't happen too often; and a crisp, cool night so the atmosphere is clear. It is usually best to photograph in the early hours before dawn, and you need to get far away from the city or town, as the orange glow from the city lights can still be seen by camera in a long exposure.
Gear required includes: a wide angle lens with a fast aperture;  a camera that can go to high iso, e.g. 3200 without too much noise; and a steady tripod.
The reward  is images not seen every day!
Jason MacCormac