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Competitions - Internal + External

"The life blood of every photographic club, that, coupled with member's passion and participation, is key to how we thrive"

     Internal League Competitions - On the last Tuesday of every month we have an in house competition, based on the three grades within the Club, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.  For a new members grade to be fairly assessed please bring along 15 to 20 images on a memory stick or CD, or direct us to a web gallery if you have one.
You may enter in each of the three media - Colour prints, Monochrome (Black and White) prints and Projected Images.  Colour Print Competitions will be held on September 29th, November 24th, January 25th and March 28th, while the Monochrome Print Competitions and the Projected Images Competitions share the same dates on the alternate months. These dates are October 27th, December 8th (early because the Club is closed over Christmas), February 29th and April 25th.  Images should be brought along to the meeting the week prior to the Competition night to allow for recording, sorting and forwarding to the various judges.
You can enter up to 4 images in each medium, so that makes 16 images per medium if you enter 4 images in all competitions.  The Competition Secretary will record your top 12 scores for the league table.  The latest League Positions will be uploaded to the website as they become available.
For Feedback - you may submit one image per month for the guest judge to assess and comment upon, which will not be included in the league at this stage.  You may work on this image based on comments and feedback received and enter it in subsequent competitions. The images should be the same as the medium of the League competition that month - ie submit one Colour print for the Colour print night, one Monochrome image for Mono Print Competition night.  At this stage we will only handle prints, so no Projected Images for the moment.
A full sized Digital copy of all Images should be e-mailed to ccc.competitions@gmail.com or to the Club's normal e-mail address. Details of how to resize images will be uploaded shortly.
When entering competitions we need each image to have a your Grade, and your Membership Number, and a Title.  e.g. n_8802_sunbird = Novice, Member No 8802, and the title of the image is “Sunbird”.  Your membership Number is available from the Club Secretary on demand.
The Prints should be enlarged to at least 7 x 5 inches (170 x 120mm), but preferably to 10 x 8 inches (250 x 200mm) or A4 size (297 x 210mm), and either flush mounted (stuck onto a card) or window mounted (using a bevel mount cutter).  The maximum mount size (needs to fit into the box we use to transport the images to the judges), is no larger than 20 x 16 inches (500 x 400 mm approx).
Demonstrations of how to mount and present you images are available on request.
Your Grade , your Membership Number and the Image Title, that’s what we need when you’re entering Club Competitions.  If you are unsure of your Membership Number please ask.
Remember to provide a full sized digital copy of ALL entries.