Thanks to Neil O'Reilly for his excellent comments on the Photos entered for the April Competition.  Also, thanks to all the entrants. 
Neil is the president of Tellaght Camera Club and specialises in nature Photography..he is a gold winner of the IPF Nature Competition
His comments were as follows:

  1. All images were presented to a very high standard which he said reflected very well on the club.
  2. In landscape Photography try to make sure there is interest from front to back of the image
  3. Take care not to over sharpen
  4. In Winter landscape try to add and bring up greens in leaves and woodland
  5. Make sure the foreground of the image is sharp
  6. When making a selection in PhotoShop be careful not to include anything othere than what you want selected or you will effect areas you dont want to effect eg Sky and Trees
  7. In Nature shots of birds its very improtant the the birds eyes are sharp
  8. If you have 2 similar images keep one for the next competition or you will end up competing against yourself
  9. Be careful not to oversaturate Colour
  10. Some photos had the error of highlights blown out - this will always loose points at competition level
  11. Pay attention to Darks and Blacks in Sunset shots - dificult but the darks should retain some detail
  12. Make sure your photo has a focus point drawing the eye to the main subject
  13. Choose photo paper carefully - Mat paper can reduce the sharpening
  14. In Abstract work colours are very very important so make sure the colour palette works
  15. In portraiture take care that you have treated the light on the hair to give the desired effect.