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Mono and Projected Image Competition  March 2018
Many thanks to Chris Ducker who judged our competition on Tues march 20 2018
Here are some of the helpful comments he through the course of the evening..
1. Check around the edges of your image and make sure there is nothing distracting to take your eye out of the image.  If there is any extra item which is not related to the subject of the image try to remove it.

2.  Foreground should be well defined and separated from the background

3.  Whites / highlights should never be blown out - there should be detail in all highlights 

4.  Images with water in the background - water should not be distracting ie highlights in the ripples should not be too bright and the water should if possible be out of focus

5.  Noise (grain) in an image is far better on a black and white image than a colour image.  If you have an image with a lot of noise try looking at in black and white and you may be surprised

7. Many images will look better if parts of the image is cropped out altogether.  As  a general rule if something is not adding to the image it is probably taking away from it.

8.  Advanced photographers should be looking for something different to make the image stand out from the crowd.

9.  Abstract images are very subjective but (he did add - in his opinion) that when you look at an abstract image you should know what it is.

10 In portraiture where there is more than 1 person in the image there should be an obvious connection between the people.  This can be achieved through subjects eye contact or body language in the image.