Maureen Dunne 

Natural World Competition

The Maureen Dunne Natural World Competition is run in May every year  in memory of our esteemed member and friend .
Maureen was also a member of the Little Sisters of the Assumption order. She died suddenly in July 1998.
As she loved wildlife and nature photography, her family very kindly arranged for us to hold this Competition every year in her memory.
The theme, Natural World,  can include animals, flora and fauna. It may also include man-made elements in a minor way, but the image should be  in essence  depicting  the world of nature .
Entries: Maximum of four images per entrant. Can be a mixture of Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints and Projected Images, or four images in one medium. Maximum size for prints 50 x 40 cm (20 x 16 inches) including mounts). Entries should be brought along on the night.
Judging: Entries will be judged by an external judge  in the three sections, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. There will be a winner in each section and the trophy will be awarded to the best overall image submitted. Entries will be judged on the night.
Former winners are asked to send us copies of their winning entries for the Club’s archives.
This gallery archives a collection of the overall winners of the competition since its inception. You can see from the  quality of the winning images that the standard is high.  I'm sure Maureen would be delighted with the entries and proud that this competition is run in her name.
Here is a picture of Maureen Dunne taken on a Club weekend to The Burren in 1997, outside Cappabhaile Guest House at Ballyvaughan.  Left to right, Brian Madden, Tim O’Brien, Maureen Dunne, Maurice Tuffin, Eddie Mallin and John Rafferty.
2002 - John Turner,
2003 - Eddie Mallin,
2004 - Tommy Keogh,
2005 - Joe Griffin,
2006 - Declan Mullen,
2007 - ?
2008 - Peter Stafford,
2009 - Elizabeth McNamee,
2010 - Ted Keane,
2011 - Nora Sleator,
2012 - Nora Sleator,
2013 - Kevin Keogh,
2014 - John Jardine.
2015 - Noleen Kavanagh
2016 - Peter Stafford.
2017 - Joe Joyce
2018 - John Turner
Overall Winner 2018
Title : Flower
Photographer: John Turner
Grade: Advanced

Overall Winner 2016
Title : Corkagh Bridge

Photographer: Peter Stafford

Grade: Advanced

Overall Winner 2015
Title : Jinnyjoe
Photographer: Noleen Kavanagh
Grade: Intermediate
Overall Winner 2014
Title : Patience
Photographer: John Jardine
Grade: Novice
Overall Winner 2013
Title : Owl head
Photographer: Kevin Keogh
Grade: Intermediate
Overall Winner 2012
Title : 
Photographer: Nora Slator
Grade:  Advanced
Overall Winner 2011
Title : Placeholder
Photographer: Nora Slator
Grade:  Advanced
Overall Winner 2010
Title : Night Herons
Photographer: Ted Keane
Grade: Advanced
Overall Winner 2009
Title : 
Photographer: Elizabeth McNamee
Grade: Advanced
Overall Winner 2008
Title : 
Photographer: Peter Stafford
Grade: Advanced
Overall Winner 2006
Title : Mayfly
Photographer: Declan Mullen
Grade: Intermediate
Overall Winner 2004
Title : Red Butterfly
Photographer: Tommy Keogh
Grade: Advanced
Overall Winner 2003
Title : Red Squirrel
Photographer: Eddie Malin
Grade: Advanced