Genre gallery-Sports

 by Peter Stafford LIPF,LBPPA, LSISLP.

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    There are many genres and disciplines in photography, wildlife, weddings, portrait / studio and many more.
Sport is one of those disciplines that can be a big challenge and very rewarding if you get a chance to photograph a major event in the sporting calendar, or if you can photograph your sports idol.
It helps if you have some knowledge of the sport you are shooting, as you can place yourself in a good position so you can anticipate the action that might happen next, and get some great action shots instead of just good shots.
Getting low down to ground level where possible can really help you capture the action and can improve your sporting photography.
Camera, Lens and Equipment.
Many cameras today have a vast amount of technology and information built into them, and a selection of shooting modes that can help many of us improve our photography. There is even a sports mode on most models (often indicated by a running man figure).
If you can get a camera that has a fast shutter count (FPS = Frames per Second), such as 6 to 8 FPS, or even 12 FPS found on some professional models, that will help you to capture all the sporting action you would ever want to photograph.
Lenses can come in all shapes and sizes, but to help you capture sports shots an f2.8 aperture lens will improve most of your sporting shots.
A monopod can be a great tool to have, and give you great flexibility to move your camera and lens around to where the action is taking place.  It also helps you hold your camera and lens steady to prevent "camera shake".
When shooting sport you can set your camera to Manual Mode where you are more in control of the camera settings. A high ISO (Sensitivity) setting can also help depending on the event and the ambient lighting conditions you find yourself in.
So, whatever camera and lens you own, why not have a go at Sports Photography.
Peter Stafford, LIPF, LBPPA, LSISLP, Photography.
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