Weekly CLUB NIGHTS Calendar - Autumn 2017.
Forthcoming Club Event​s

Weekly meeting resume after the Summer Holidays on September 5th.

Watch the website for details.

All events below on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm in Aras Chronain unless otherwise specified. 

October 2017
31st - All about IPF Distinctions, How to select photos to create a successful, cohesive panel.  Full demonstation and workshop on panelling

Further detail will be added about each event the week before 

November 2017.
7th - Personal Portfolio's.  Some of our club members will show some of their own favourite photos. 
14th - Visit from Ballyfermot CC Members.  Also Closing Date (CD)  for  Mono and Projected images Competitions next week.
Sunday 19th - Sunday Morning Outing.
21st - Competition judging by Padraig McGradler from Dublin Camera Club
Saturday 25th -  IPF Distinctions sitting in Thurles.
Sunday 26th - National Shield in Limerick
28th - Studio Night. APart 2 of the portraiture workshop.  This workshop will address portraiture posing and modelling.

December 2017.
5th - Living Art.  Also Closing Date (CD)  for Competitions next week.
12th - Competition judging
Sunday 17th - Sunday Morning Outing.
19th - Christmas Party.
28th - Mince Pie Outing!

January 2018

2nd  - Closed
9th   - Guest speaker
16th - Workshop and hand in for Mono competition
21st - Sunday Outing
23rd - Mono print competition judging
30th - Personal Portfolios - how the shot was made

If you know of anything which may be of ointerest to our Members please send us an e-mail with information.
Got a  outting in mind?  Found an event we aren't attending that we should be?  Let us know so we can organise.

MEN (and women) AT WORK

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