Club Events Spring 2018

All events below on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm in Aras Chronain unless otherwise specified. 

Further detail will be added about each event the week before 

April 2018

24th Apr - Guest Speaker, Roz Miller from the Mill Centre will demonstrate show samples of photo restoration.  A great follow on from Brian's evening on archiving old photos

                                                                                            May 2018
1st May - Guest Speaker Liam Haines will present his work on Audio Visual photography and Travel Photography
May 8th - Ben Ryan will give a talk on Live Gig Photography
May 15th - Maureen Dunne open Nature Competition - Competition will be judged on the night.
May 19th and 20th - Inter Clubs Competition in Mullingar (Mono will be judged on Sat and Colour will be judged on Sunday)

More to Follow as soon as activities and events have been confirmed

If you know of anything which may be of interest to our Members please e-mail to  with information.
Got a  outting in mind?  Found an event we aren't attending that we should be?  Let us know so we can organise.

People AT WORK

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